• We love kids yoga !

We love kids yoga !

Keep the kids busy meanwhile helping them to get conscious of their body and their emotions, it is what yoga for kids does ! To know more about it we spoke with Agnes Gliozzo, yoga teacher for kids.

Agnes worked for years in luxury industry before turning into yoga teaching. Yoga practice allows kids to take time for them bacause like adults they need it ! Practicing asanas - yoga postures - kids learn more about their body and start to feel their emotions, a big step on the path of self confidence. As told by Agnès, when kids are motivated they manage to be very focus and curious, in a really surprising and positive way. 

To start practicing with kids, the first key is motivation and then a bit of determination as the practice could be a bit fuzzy for little ones at the beginning. All the asanas can be practiced from 5 years old, provided that they are adapted to kids practice and accurately taught.
The practice can also be playful and interactive thanks to amusing asanas as the tree or the mountain and then ends up in a moment of relaxation and calm with a guided meditation. 

If you are willing to try a first class with your kids, you can attend the live class teached by Agnès on the Instagram account of @mytraveldream, everyday at 9.30 am (in french) or you can find plenty of video lessons on You Tube !

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