• Minois Follow #2
  • Minois Follow #2
  • Minois Follow #2

Minois Follow #2

Minois Follow is our room for inspiration. Photography, architecture, design or even family life and motherhood, we share in this section the Instagram accounts that inspire us every day. In this Minois Follow # 2, we introduce you to 3 of our favorite accounts.

We love following the adventures of Elodie and her tribe. After 6 months of a family roadtrip, this mum of 3 settled down on the ocean shore. On her account, she shares pretty pictures - she is also a photographer - of her daily life at 5, of her vintage treasures or her inspirations for home decoration. A lot of refinement and gentleness.

Serena Mitnik-Miller is the mom of Wild and Una and also the founder of General Store, a San Francisco-based concept store that celebrates 70s California style through a selection of vintage and crafts pieces. Through her posts, we immerse ourselves in her daily life as a mother entrepreneur, we admire her taste for minimalist design, in which nature always invites itself, and we discover talented Californian artisans.

The Slow Roads account offers us a journey through time and space. From the 70s Ibiza to contemporary Morocco via the India of the 60's, these images of design, landscapes or daily life, mix eras and countries. An invitation to escape and contemplation much needed in recent months.

Image 1 : @sweetdreamphotography
Image 2 : @maraserene
Image 3 : @slow_roads

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