• Christmas Time by Tessa Hop
  • Christmas Time by Tessa Hop
  • Christmas Time by Tessa Hop
  • Christmas Time by Tessa Hop

Christmas Time by Tessa Hop

This year to celebrate Christmas, we ask some of our favorite mums to tell us their best Christmas memory.
Let’s start with the inspiring Tessa Hop !

Could you introduce yourself in a few words ?
I am Tessa, mother of three boys and a girl. Living together with my husband who is running an organic French bakery. I have been in art school, but have been taking care of my children since my oldest son (16) was born.

What is your best Christmas memory ?
I have a lot of warm memories of Christmas time. I love the dark evenings with candle light, being together with our family. But I also have wonderful memories from when I was young myself. We always played a lot of games, had special dinners and the smell of a Christmas tree. 
Since I have a family myself I love to make memories with them. Keep up with traditions. My husband makes us a special Christmas loaf for breakfast each year, and it’s really the best I have ever tasted. We decorate our home together, have a lot of candles, read a lot of Christmas stories, and I try make them aware of why we celebrate Christmas envy year again.

What have you planned for Christmas this year ?
This year Christmas is not really planned so far. We are about to move somewhere around the end of December or beginning of January. So times are not very predictable.
What I hope for is to feel quiet and spend time with the children, play games, maybe a puzzle together, and above all just enjoy each other and feel connected. 
Sweet friend invited us to come over and make sushi for dinner, which sounds like a wonderful plan for this year's Christmas.

Thank you very much Tessa <3
You can follow Tessa here

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