• The world of Lois Moreno
  • The world of Lois Moreno
  • The world of Lois Moreno
  • The world of Lois Moreno
  • The world of Lois Moreno

The world of Lois Moreno

You probably already know the world of Lois Moreno. This Franco-Spanish photographer regularly collaborates with the brands and magazines for children we love. Lois also hold a blog in which she shares her thoughts on motherhood, her healthy and gourmet recipes and her family travel trips. So many good reasons to know more about this creative mom, interview!

Hello Lois, can you introduce yourself in a few words?
My name is Loïs and I am Franco-Spanish. Since 3 years, I live in the countryside with my husband and my 3 children. After a long career in fashion and communication, I decide to switch to photography. 

You have started your career in fashion, then you have created your communication agency, when have you started photography ?
I think photography has always been there but one day I allowed myself to make it my job.

You have been working freelance for several years now, could you describe a typical day in your life ?
The advantage of being a freelancer is that the days are rarely the same. When i don't travel for work, I live a pretty slow life at home. I split my days between creating culinary content for the @maisonsource project - a project with my husband, photoshoots at home, writings for my blog, editing ... I don't have a lot of free time !

With your work you explore the themes of childhood and family, could you tell us a bit more about you inspiration ?
Like many women photographers, I discovered childhood through motherhood. The camera has helped me to perceive the magic and immortalize it. I think it is amazing to see small human being growing up. The family is the pillar of our lives, it's a bit the starting point for everyone in life. Seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary is not always an easy exercise. I really enjoy capturing emotions. A photo is a simple picture, there are no words and yet it can reveal many things…

You chose to live in the countryside with your husband and your children, let us know about this decision ?
I wanted to get away from the city, from consumption, from the crazy rhythm, from this nonsense ... We wanted to be aligned with our vision of life and our values. Back to basics and to a more authentic life had become vital to us.

You grew up in Barcelona, how do you share your Spanish culture with your 3 children?
I try to speak Spanish to them as much as I can, although I admit that the more they become older and the harder it is. Barcelona is part of me. I consider myself more Spanish than French...  I think my children have inevitably inherited this slightly spontaneous ole ole side from their mother!

What kind of mom are you ?
Easy and strict at the same time. I can be tough and super funny at the same time. I am a mother full of contrast. I hope that in a few years they will keep good memories :)

How do you choose the products (fashion, food, beauty) for your children?
I don’t buy a lot. I don’t usually spend money on superficial things ... For clothes, I recognize that through my work, I get some gifts from pretty brands with great stories, that I enjoy sharing. When I want something to complete, I go to Emmaus or Vinted. I rarely buy new.
For food we go to the supermarket for basic household products and to the producers for fruits and vegetables, to the butcher for the meat and the fishmonger for the fish.
For beauty products, I keep it very basic and as natural as possible.

A person or a project that inspires you?
Determined people who manage to make their dreams come true. People we don’t need much to be happy. Families with strong bonds. Lisa Sorgini's photographs. Augusto B.M.’s minimalist illustrations. A field of wild flowers ...

Your favorite time of day?
At the end of day when we have time and energy to watch a series or a good movie with my husband ;)

A mantra?
Less is more. Always less, always better ...

All pictures have been shot by Lois Moreno. Follow Lois on Instagram : @loismoreno_

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