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Surfing mamma

Head to Hossegor and its beaches, to meet Chloé, the founder of Pantai Pantai, a lifestyle accessories brand inspired by surf spirit, and the mother of a little Kiara. Interview

Hello Chloé, could you introduce yourself?
I am 35 years old, I live in Hossegor in the south west of France, I am the mother of a little Kiara who is 2 years old, I love to travel and surf and 5 years ago I created Pantai Pantai, a decoration and lifestyle brand inspired by the beach and surf lifestyle.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating Pantai Pantai?
It was in 2015, during a trip to the island of Kauai (part of the Hawaiian archipelago), where I had the idea to combine my taste for interior design with my passion. for travel and surfing.
I really wanted to create cool and design objects that could remind us of our travels without being kitsch.
When traveling to surf destinations it is sometimes difficult to find cool travel gifts and objects and I really wanted to offer something that was close to me.

What do you like most about your job?
To imagine and make the products. I like the whole product development part a lot, but I realize that I like more and more other fields such as sales or marketing.
Today I can say that I love my job and it is so important when you run your own business because it is so much work so it has to be fulfilling.

You live in Hossegor, does it influence your life and your work?
Totally, when it is possible I organize my work days according to the surf. If there are good surf forecasts, I will go surfing first and then I will work.
Our life in general depends on the surf forecasts, we spend a lot of time at the beach in summer and winter. It really is our favorite playground (my husband has a surf school and he is also a trainer for young pro surfers, so that helps!)

What is your typical day like?
I don't really have a typical routine because each day is different.
I try to manage my priorities as best I can and get everything done before 5:00 p.m. when I pick up Kaira from nursery.
But overall it's surfing, preparing orders, answering emails, having lunch on the go, running to the post office, then I usually still have an hour or two of work on the computer.
At 5pm, I pick up Kiara and depending on the weather, I advise. Beach, park, lake, I try to show her different environments. We are lucky to have beautiful landscapes around us so it’s not difficult.

You are the mother of a 2 year old little girl, how has her arrival affected your daily life?
It has changed a lot of things, all of a sudden you have to plan your day around a little baby who needs a lot of attention.
I had to accept that she was the priority and put my business and my hobbies aside for a bit.
In addition, I breastfed her for 7 months so we really spent the 1st year together  but I always took her everywhere with me (even in the store) and it always went very well.
Of course I built up a lot of fatigue trying to cope with all of this but luckily the 2nd year was a bit more restful.

What kind of mom are you?
I will say that I am a cool mom.
I love to make her laugh and share cool things with her. I want her to have a great time with me and to be able to remember it (even though I know children don't have memories until they are 3). I'm quite permissive too, I let her explore, I am not too strict (apart from the important things of course) and I try to listen to her all the time.

Your favorite moment with her?
It's when I introduce her to something new and she likes it. For example, at the moment I like to take her out for ice cream, she likes sweets and like me she loves chocolate so it's a great time to share me and her.

A person or project that inspires you?
I really like what the artist Alexandra Proba does.
And more generally, people who follow their ideas without necessarily choosing the easy way.

Your best spots in Hossegor?
Estagnots beach, the canal between Hossegor and Capbreton.
Darrigood Surf School to take a surf lesson.
Kimoe Hossegor (women & kids) and Loulou in the woods (kids) for shopping
Lou Cabana for a drink while enjoying the sunset.
Juniper to enjoy a good cocktail.
Thai Time for brunch on Sunday morning.
Sunset Bowls for an açaí bowl after surfing.
District or Volt for a take away lunch.
Le Surfing for dinner with friends after a long day at the beach.

A mantra?
Quite recently I decided to take action and follow this one "she thought she could, so she did"

Your favorite Minois product?
The Delicate Gel! But I really want to discover the perfume because I really like orange blossom, jasmine and honeysuckle so I think I will like it very much.

You can follow Chloé here : @pantai_pantai_
And until the 30th of May 2021, get a Pantai Pantai motel keychain for every order over 40€ on our website.

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