• Olivia Thébaut, the poetic simplicity
  • Olivia Thébaut, the poetic simplicity
  • Olivia Thébaut, the poetic simplicity
  • Olivia Thébaut, the poetic simplicity

Olivia Thébaut, the poetic simplicity

Artistic director and photographer, Olivia Thébaut shot a series of images for Minois last October. The perfect opportunity to get to know the woman behind the poetic and minimalist pictures we can discover on her Instagram. Interview!

Hello Olivia, could you introduce yourself in a few words?
My name is Olivia, I am 34 years old and I am a photographer. I live in the southwest of France with my husband Julien and our two kids, Joseph 3 years old and Colombe 1 year old. I like to live in the countryside, far from the hustle and bustle, close to nature and the ocean which inspire me on a daily basis.

You are a photographer and artistic director, can you tell us a little about your job?
Artistic direction and photography are two parts of my activity. I particularly appreciate being able to have a holistic approach to my photo projects from the art direction to the photography and luckily that’s often what clients expect of me. Being present from conception to technical realization brings an obvious coherence to my work and helps to define my style.

What do you like most about your job?
My freedom! But I also like the variety of projects on which I collaborate and the meetings with people that result from them. Beyond the work aspect, my professional activity is above all a passion which allows me to tackle each day with pleasure.

Whats is your typical day like?
In the morning, the day begins slowly with the family, between bottle-feeding and toasted bread;) At 9 am, we drop off the children at school and nursery and the working day can start.
When I'm not shooting outside, I'm at home. I like the balance between the moments when I work at home in peace, and the moments of shooting outdoors which are extremely stimulating and rich in people's meetings.
At home, I work in the morning on my computer. I edit photos, I reply to emails ... I have a quick lunch with my husband, we take advantage of this little moment together to chat quietly.
The afternoon is generally devoted to shootings. At 4 p.m. we pick up the children at school and nursery. We are very organized with my husband to be able to spend time with them.
The working days are therefore short and intense, but the children's first years go by very quickly and we want to enjoy them.

You are a mum of two children, what has motherhood changed in your life?
With the arrival of Joseph and Colombe, I realized that we had to enjoy the present moment because they grow so quickly. We have a lot of projects, but the priority is really to make the most of each day to take the time to pass on the most things to them. Ultimately, I would say motherhood brings me back to basics.

Becoming a mother, has it had an influence on your profession as a photographer?
Of course, documenting their childhood made me evolve naturally in this universe. I also think it gave me a certain spontaneity in my approach to photography.
I try as I do with them, not to force things, to let it come and to adapt myself as much as possible.

Mom of both a little girl and a little boy, what values ​​do you want to pass on to them?
I want them to grow up free, with the idea that anything is possible. I want them to grow up guided by their passions, their curiosity and their wonder, with respect, kindness, and sharing.
I want them to fully express their personality, to feel confident and to have fantasy with them throughout their lives.

Your favorite family activity?
Our small and big getaways!

Your favorite destination for a family weekend?
I don't have any preferences because above all I like to discover new places. Lately, we are planning a long weekend in Cantabria, in the north of Spain. It is a place where the mountain meets the ocean. The landscapes are as contrasting as they are wild.

Your favorite Minois product?
The Light Water that I love to spray in their hair in the morning.

Thank you very much Olivia <3
You can discover Olivia's work here 
Pictures @oliviathebaut, pictures 3, 4 et 5 have been shot by Olivia for Minois Paris

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