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Mandy from Milk Magazine

We first met Mandy in a professional environment as she has worked at Milk Magazine for several years now. Then, we had a crush for her universe made up of travel pictures of the deserted beaches of Mozambique and vintage pieces found in the bends of Parisian streets. Last September, Mandy became a mom for the first time. One more reason to meet her for a new mom interview.

Hello Mandy, could you introduce yourself in a few words?
Hello Minois :)
My name is Mandy, I am 31 years old. Since last September, I have been in a happiness bubble : I am the mother of a wonderful little girl. I am the marketing and brand content director at MilK magazine, a lifestyle magazine for contemporary families.

Could you tell us a little more about your job?
My job is to offer creative and inspiring ideas to brands (fashion for children and adults, decoration, toys ...) and cultural organizations (museums, galleries, publishing houses, tourist offices ... ). Within the marketing team, I work hand in hand with writing and graphic design.
I make collaboration proposals by offering visibility through the implementation of operations and events, adapted to the needs of brands, on the paper magazine but also, on our website and our social networks.

Since September, you are also the mother of a little girl, how are you living this new life as a mother?
I spent most of my pregnancy during lockdown. It allowed me to rest and think about my future life as a young mother. Apart from the difficult situation we all went through, everything went well.
I am very happy to have a little girl, zen and smiling but at the same time, very sad not to be able to visit our families, dispatched around the world.

How do you manage your new life as a mum and your professional life?
My days are quite hectic but very different from one to another.
For 5 years, I have been working at MilK and I must admit, I feel much more aligned with the magazine since I was a mom. I am more inspired and motivated ... The post-lockdown back to work was difficult and special. But, we all found our rhythm after a few weeks.

As a new mother, what advice would you have received?
Trust yourself, listen to yourself and not compare yourself to others. Letting go and focusing on the essentials: your well-being and your family.
We often forget about it, but as soon as the baby arrives, there is a tendency to quickly want to get back to its former life but everything is turned upside down and we have to adapt to the arrival of this little human being.
Taking time for yourself is important, you need to reload your head and above all, do not feel guilty, household chores will wait. Switch off your phones, rest during baby’s nap and enjoy these first moments with the family ...
It is important to remind that time flies. You have to enjoy every moment !

In MilK magazine, the question of parenthood is often questioned, what is your vision?
I don't think too much about it because my priority is for my daughter to be healthy, happy and fulfilled.
Awaken her curiosity, learn to know her and teach her to know herself, guide her in her choices, build  a relationship of trust, be united ... I will do my best to carry her in discovering the world and support her.

And what about the world of children's fashion?
There are many temptations, especially when working in the industry. Every day, we discover new brands or new treasured pieces that we want to get hold of. It is difficult to resist. I often ask myself these questions "is it useful, do I really need it, why I need it and will it last?" »
And I must say, so far, it works. I cross my fingers to make it last.
I try to consume less and better, especially since I am a mother and to get only “ crush” pieces for my daughter. I like to dress her in a responsible way.

On Instagram your travel photos make us dream, a destination to recommend us?
Mozambique, without any doubt! One of the most beautiful destinations we have visited, so far! Paradise on earth and a true haven of peace, this destination is preserved from mass tourism. Very early in the morning, the paradisiacal beaches are deserted, which is very relaxing and gives us the impression of being alone in the world. This feeling of well-being is unique.

You also share a lot of vintage decoration pieces, what are your favorite places to shop ?
Vintage (and second hand) are my great passion! The clothes but also the decoration and more particularly, the ceramics and the chairs. I do good deals in flea markets: getting up very early, enjoying the fresh air, it's ideal for finding nuggets; the streets of Paris and neighboring towns are full of treasures.
I also follow very cool Instagram accounts: one of my favorite @appartementtemoin and @chairchaise ... But Le Bon coin is always the best ally to hunt around and find objects for my collection!

Your favorite time of the day ?
What I like above all: to get back home to be with my daughter and her pretty smile.

A mantra?
"You never get as far as you don't know where you are going. "

Your favorite Minois products?
Dry oil for body and hair and Gentle Cream.

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