• Let's meet Anne-Claire Ruel
  • Let's meet Anne-Claire Ruel
  • Let's meet Anne-Claire Ruel
  • Let's meet Anne-Claire Ruel
  • Let's meet Anne-Claire Ruel
  • Let's meet Anne-Claire Ruel

Let's meet Anne-Claire Ruel

Anne-Claire Ruel is the founder and artistic director of the ethical and poetic brand Maison Margaret. She is also the mother of 3 children and a lover of pretty things, whom she regularly captures through her pictures and shares on her Instagram account. Interview !

Hi Anne-Claire, could you introduce yourself in a few words?
I am Anne-Claire, mother of 3 children, co-founder and artistic director of Maison Margaret, an ethical and poetic brand of decoration, fashion and lifestyle!

How the idea of Maison Margaret came up ?
The desire to create a decorative brand was there since my studies, the bathroom linen and its lack of glamor on the market gave me the will to create more "decorative" collection, combined with values that are important for us.
And then the enthusiasm of my Instagram and blog community for the lifestyle images I shared was also a starting point to get started and turn this dream into reality.

What do you like the most about your job?
Dreaming the collections and then seeing my dreams become reality when the creation is taking shape. When I receive the first pieces, it's Christmas!

The concept of Maison Margaret has just evolved, could you tell us a little bit more?
We have decided to end our home sales network and to answer our customers needs as they wanted more online sales and more affordable prices, for these reasons we are today 100% focus on our eshop.

Mum of 3 children, you also run a business and you are renovating your new house in the meantime, how do you manage to deal with everything?
I do the best but I have to admit I am a bit exhausted after this very intense period. Some people were able to press pause during the quarantine but for me it was the opposite because I wanted to move in quickly. No miracle recipe…

How do you find your balance between your life as a mom and your life as a woman?
I stopped looking for balance, juggling has become a balance!

You are the mother of two girls and a boy, what values ​​do you want to pass on to them?
The values ​​of love, self-respect and respect of others. Self-respect means freedom and that is essential for me, it also leads to self-confidence. And the circle is complete ;)
I am not original on the subject but it seems to me to be a good basis.

How do they get along with each other?
Pretty good, like brothers and sisters I would say. They bicker but get along very well, there are accomplice duos which change from day to an other.

How do you choose the products (fashion, food, beauty) for your children?
Responsible, ethical and pretty products because I remain very sensitive to aesthetics.

And your last favorite crushes for you ?
Olio E Osso sticks, I love it! Easy, ethical and good-looking, to sum up : essential.

A person or a project that inspires you?
All people who decide to go after their dreams, man or woman and this in all fields !

How would you define an ideal family weekend?
A not too busy program in a natural place, if possible, where we let ourselves live together, the right balance between discovery and just enjoying.

Your holidays destination this Summer ?
We are going to travel in the south of France.

Your mantra?
I have confidence in myself and in my decisions.

Your favorite Minois product?
The bubble bath for the kids (and me;)) and the candle for me.

You can follow Anne-Claire on her Instagram account : @anneclaireruel_mm and on Maison Margaret account : @maisonmargaret

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