• Laura Vidrequin, Kids O'Clock founder
  • Laura Vidrequin, Kids O'Clock founder
  • Laura Vidrequin, Kids O'Clock founder
  • Laura Vidrequin, Kids O'Clock founder
  • Laura Vidrequin, Kids O'Clock founder

Laura Vidrequin, Kids O'Clock founder

After many years spent in New York, Laura Vidrequin settled down with her family in London. Fashion buyer, Laura is also the mother of 18-month-old Albert and the founder of the second-hand children's website Kids O’clock. We couldn't resist to learn more about this new, cool and engaged project, and about her life as a young mother entrepreneur. Interview!

Hello Laura, could you introduce yourself in a few words?
Hi the Minois team!
My name is Laura, I am Parisian, I lived 10 years in NY and I live now in London where I had my little Albert, 18 months old.
I am very optimistic, I find myself in a lot of trouble most of the time, but as I am resourceful and creative, I (almost) always manage to get by!
I am a buyer, my one and only job, and I recently created Kids O'clock, which is a resale, rental and purchase platform for second-hand children's clothing, accessories and more.

How did you get the idea to create Kids o clock?
Several thoughts came together. First I did not find websites that I like for second hand for children (I am a fan of vintage and I rarely buy new for myself), -  also I realized the number of "mandatory" shopping moments (and therefore the importance of the clothes budget) when you're a new mom - and finally, the desire to offer parents an easy, and cool way to clean up their closets.

Today more than ever, we are "planet" oriented, "self care" oriented ... Kids O'clock fills all these boxes.
A child wears between 10 and 12 sizes in his early years, I'll let you calculate the number of small Bermuda shorts, smock dresses and accessories.

I first started Kids O'clock with 10 moms who trusted me. Today, we are launching a new platform, with a membership where we take care of everything for busy moms, or a great self-upload (moms can directly upload clothes for sale on the site) for the more resourceful.

What’s your secret to combine your work as a buyer in fashion, the launch of Kids O'clock and your life as a mom ?
Optimism and delegation.
My son is cool, he spends time with his father and more recently with an “au pair” at home.
He isn’t at an easy age, but he's starting to be a little bit independent.
It is also necessary, when you launch your company as an employee and a young mother, to be fearless I think ... go for it ... and at worst, I screw up and I will have learned - that's what I tell me.
I set myself limits too, and daily and weekly goals. Otherwise I would be overwhelmed !

You are an expert at finding second-hand treasure for your son but also for yourself. Do you have some tips to share with us?
I spend a lot of time on Etsy, Vestiaire Collective and in flea markets and vintage markets - I love it ... it allows my son to wander and get some fresh air, and I explore the little shops at the same time . During Covid, I had many crushes on Internet on Imparfaite to name only one !

You are French, you lived in New York and then in London does that have an influence on the way you educate your son?
When I was in New York, I didn't understand why I was often told "French women are so cool with their kids, we Americans have “Spoiled Child Syndrome." I quickly understood when I got pregnant.
I loved living this experience in the Anglo-Saxon way, in the UK pregnant women take care of themselves, they do a lot of care and lessons. I even learned breath hypnosis for Albert's birth.
Don’t get me wrong, I'm not saying that the French don't do any of this, but natural childbirth is sometimes still seen as a savage method.

For his education, it's still very abstract, he is only 18 months old, but I have the feeling that my husband and I have managed to create a good mix of 2/3 countries (France, England, United States United) and culture.
We never let him cry and we are both very attentive and cuddly. We talk to him a lot. I think the most important thing at a young age is to feel confident, and to receive a lot of love.

How do you choose the products (fashion, food, beauty)for your son?
For food, I do everything at home. He eats what we dine or lunch. I make sure that everything is very fresh and organic for the meats.
In beauty, there are a lot of great products in France.
Regarding fashion, I dress him as he lives, meaning comfortable and easy, preferably second-hand, and I shop a lot at Kids O'clock.

And your last personal crushes ?
Podcasts as the ones of NY TIMES, BLISS STORY, and Le Gout de M. So nice to relax listening relevant information.

A person or a project that inspires you?
I do a little research on charity organizations, I would like to find one that allows me to get out of my bubble, and help women and children in difficulty, especially in post-Covid poverty.
For example, the actress Paloma Coquant created the solidarity fundraising Mam Collecte Solidaire and I would like to see more personalities with loyal followers speaking up about these realities.
If you are a parent, a woman, or taking care of a child, you are bound to be affected.

Could you share with us your kids friendly addresses in London?
Parks, parks, parks! London is great for that!! Albert also did quite a few awakening classes at home or in lovely little places in London. We need more in Paris.

Your mantra?
What comes around goes around.

Thank you Laura for sharing  !
You can follow Laura on her Instagram account: @lauravidrequin and to get the Kids O'Clock last updates: @kids_oclock

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