• Inès, founder of the Dada Shop
  • Inès, founder of the Dada Shop
  • Inès, founder of the Dada Shop
  • Inès, founder of the Dada Shop

Inès, founder of the Dada Shop

Inès is the founder of The Dada Shop, a concept store based in Lyon (France) that offers a selection of objects carefully chosen by Inès and her mother. Becoming recently the mother to a little girl herself, Inès tells us how motherhood came into her daily life. Interview!

Hello Inès, could you introduce yourself ?
Hi ! My name is Inès Dayet, I am 35 years old and I am the founder of the concept store Le Dadashop.
I was born in Lyon where I spent my childhood. After highschool, I studied Art and after graduating I moved to Paris near the Canal St Martin where I worked as a child stylist in a famous ready-to-wear brand.
I created Le Dadashop in 2016 when I went back to Lyon with Adrien, my boyfriend who is also from Lyon. We settled in the Croix-Rousse district and had a little girl, Lucie, who will soon be 11 months old.

Could you tell us the story of the Dada Shop ?
I had this idea for years. When I lived in Paris, I traveled a lot in Asian countries and European capitals where I visited shops, museums and galleries. These inspiring places never left me indifferent. I am completely crazy about decoration, design and architecture. What better way to bring all these things together than a store! 
It all happened very naturally, as the natural path of my professional life. The idea really became a project when we came back to Lyon. I teamed up with my mother and we started the project together. In October 2016, Dadashop opened its doors. I still remember our first customers!

Last year, you became a mum for the first time, how does it change your life ?
Lucie's birth was very emotional. I remember when we got home, it was in November, the sun was shining bright and everything was so sweet. She was in her pram, very peaceful. I see myself opening the door, looking at the living room and realizing that there were now three of us at home. Everything was going to change. The first weeks are timeless, we forget everything else! 
Unfortunately we didn't really have time to enjoy all this magic, Lucie was hospitalized at 15 days. Lots of hardships and a rather brutal start in parenthood.

What kind of mum are you ?
A cuddly mom and a funny mom. I am a real kiss machine! We also play and laugh a lot and I think I'm having as much fun as she does. Life at home is like a brass band, we sing, we dance, it's colorful and joyful. I am also an anxious mom with my doubts and anxieties. I don't try to be perfect with her but to transmit good values ​​to her and especially joy.

The Dada Shop is a family affair, what kind of family values would you like to transmit to her?Freedom. The one that allows you to create and dream. With my sister, we had the chance to be able to live our lives freely: choose our studies, our jobs, travel, etc. This has allowed us to work in creative fields and to evolve there without any family pressure. It's important to me that Lucie can live her life as she sees fit.

We really like your brands selection at The Dada Shop, how do you choose them ?
Everything that I learned from my former profession as a stylist is useful to me on a daily basis. I think of my store as a large collection range. Objects must live together and match with each other. Sometimes funny or unexpected things happen! Most of the brands that I select are brands that I love and that are part of my daily life: Baggu bags, Marie Chanteur ceramics, design objects from HAY etc ... The store's DNA is made up of my crushes mixed with other brands that I also like but which respond more to a need, to a customer demand.

Your favorite addresses near your store ?
There are many small cafes and very nice restaurants in the neighborhood: Placid, Traboule Kitchen, Away, Les Desjeuneurs, le Bartholomé. 
For a drink at night, Les Muses at the top of the Opera. When it comes to shopping, I really like the Frip Ketchup thrift store and the Ouvrir L'Oeil bookstore with always a great selection for children!

Your favorite activities to do with your family?
Outdoors: Hiking during Summer. I really love the mountains and with Adrien we have always hiked a lot. Not at all for performance but really for the love of landscapes. It's almost therapeutic! This is very resourcing. We went this summer to the Alps, we were able to go on long hikes and Lucie loved it!

Indoors: the Bath with a capital B! It's a great laugh, we always end up soaked. It is for me great memories of childhood with my sister. I can not wait to put foam in his bath to make Santa Claus! I also can’t wait to start manual activities: painting, plasticine, stickers. I love it :)!

A back-to-school resolution ?
Don't let me get overwhelmed with work. After Lucie’s birth, my whole work rhythm at the store has been turned upside down. I can no longer work as much as I did before but in a way it also teaches me to "drop out". I try to organize myself so that I don't get overwhelmed by the amount of things to do.
It's a complicated exercise when you run a business, you have to think about everything all the time. It's a big mental pressure. So I try to manage it as best as possible to be with Lucie as much as possible.

Your favorite Minois product ?
The Gentle Cream! I can not do without it. Its texture, its smell and this tube ! I love it. We share it with Lucie and it is part of our little after-bath routine. I don’t use a lot of cosmetics because I have really sensitive skin and this cream is one of the few that suits me. She also reminds me of Lucie's first months, it's a precious smell.

Thank you Inès for answering our questions !
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