• In Portugal with Bella Crusoe
  • In Portugal with Bella Crusoe
  • In Portugal with Bella Crusoe
  • In Portugal with Bella Crusoe

In Portugal with Bella Crusoe

Isabella (or Bella) is a Brazilian photographer who lives in the North of Portugal, in Braga, with her husband Felipe and her two daughters. On her Instagram account @bellacrusoe, she captures the daily life of her family with a lot of sweetness and poetry and always a thought about motherhood. Portrait!

Hello Bella, could you please introduce you ?
I'm Bella, 29 years old, I'm Brazilian, but I've lived in Portugal for almost six years with my little family.  We are four, Felipe and Bella, parents of Amélie and Olivia.
We work with photography here, but I also reserve my time to document and write poetry about my mother life, trying to balance all the chaos and calm of an expatriate life with children away from the family.

Could you tell us what is a typical day in your life ?
Usually we have a calm day, I try to wake up with more tranquility.  As we are in the middle of a pandemic and for months in compulsory social isolation without schools, I will pay attention to talking about our routine in this scenario;  the girls wake up relatively early, i like to start the day with music, while i prepare breakfast, they are playing, the day unfolds we get involved between crafts activities with the materials we have at home, and at the end of the afternoon a walk the block.

Mum of 2 girls, what relationship do you have with them ? 
We are very close, and I really want to always be like this, I always try to validate their feelings, and show how strong we are and yet we can be sweet and gentle, I learn from them, they teach me to let my imagination run free, to wear my dreams,  take off the rush, compress the fear, laugh with life.

What is your vision of motherhood ?
I like to say that in my maternity I see strength, beauty and femininity, even in a sea of ​​work and dependence.  I try to dedicate my life to what we are living today, the phase they are in, I believe in the importance of creating memories, of trying to police myself to hear more and not letting my actions get stronger with the tiredness of real motherhood.
I put as a priority what I can do with my time, and today they are that priority.

How do you choose the products (fashion, food, beauty) for your children ? 
I care about the origin, quality and quantity.
And with that they see it as a way to take care of where we live and to have respect for what we manage to bring into the home. 
We don't need that much.

You live in Braga in Portugal, what do you love the most there ?
To talk about Braga, I need to talk about Portugal, I love living here, I love the weather, I love the people and I love the language, my mother tongue with few variations, so I love it. 
Braga has that small-town feel, it's very green, very welcoming. 
I like the churches, the architecture.

Could you tell us what are the best spot to visit in Portugal ?
Porto, Aveiro, Guimarães, Braga, Gerês, Lisbon, Algarve and its wonderful beaches.  Portugal is so complete country with a delicious climate in the summer, here it has beauty from north to south.

What inspire you these days (person, project, trend) ? 
I get a lot of inspiration and people who show reality with an artistic eye and like to work with their hands, Claire Guarry is one of them, Julie D. O'Rourke, Tessa Hop too.

Favorite moment of the day ?

The laughter of my daughters playing together.

Follow Isabelle on Instagram here : @bellacrusoe

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