• Fabienne of Nomibis, the art of vintage furnitures
  • Fabienne of Nomibis, the art of vintage furnitures
  • Fabienne of Nomibis, the art of vintage furnitures
  • Fabienne of Nomibis, the art of vintage furnitures
  • Fabienne of Nomibis, the art of vintage furnitures
  • Fabienne of Nomibis, the art of vintage furnitures

Fabienne of Nomibis, the art of vintage furnitures

Fabienne and her husband are the couple behind @nomibis, the ultimate Instagram account for decoration lovers. After having worked for 15 years at the flea market the Puces de Saint-Ouen, they launched their website and now share on Instagram their favorites pieces, staged in their house in Reims. We interviewed Fabienne to find out more about this joyful adventure, portrait!

Hello Fabienne, can you introduce yourself in a few words?
I'm 49 years old. I have two grown children: Léonie is 21 and Jacques is 17.
I have been an antique dealer for over 20 years.

Can you tell us the story behind NOMIBIS?
I created NOMIBIS with my husband, Pascal. We have been working together since the beginning of this adventure, with great complementarity and a common passion.
First of all, we worked at the Puces de Saint-Ouen in the Paul Bert Market for 15 years.
In my opinion, it is the best school in this profession.
At the same time, we had a shop in Reims, the city where we live.
At one moment, we felt the urge to work differently and explore other avenues.
Then, we dropped off the physical sales spaces in order to focus on the project that was important to us: working at home to develop a more global concept, beyond the strict decoration, and more around a certain art of living. This is what drives us.
In order to achieve it, we have created our website and started the adventure of social media, via Instagram. We shared our universe and values, showed our selections and we quickly received a very warm welcome.
We are very happy today to continue this path over the years.

What do you like the most about your job?
What I like most about my job is the opportunity it gives me to live my passion through the thing that is the most important to my heart: freedom.
Freedom of action, freedom of schedule, freedom of meetings, freedom of places, freedom of aesthetic choices, freedom of projects ...

What is a day in your life like? What is everyday life like at NOMIBIS?
Our life and our work are intimately linked since we work at home, both as a couple and as a duo.We don't have a typical day.
Sometimes we travel across France to hunt around, other times, we take care of our finds, we put them in situation at home then I photoshoot then.
Other days, we take care of our different projects or collaborations.
I really like this profusion of activities, these different faces of our daily lives and all the encounters that it generates.

NOMIBIS is a couple project, did you also transmit your passion and your talent for antiques to your children?
My children are very sensitive to the universes they meet and the atmospheres of places.
They are fond of the charm of old objects but it was not always the case in their early childhood.
Indeed, I even think they were a little ashamed that we were living in the midst of all this junk while the majority of their friends had more contemporary interiors;)
We saw their desire not to be different from others.
Acceptance and learning took place slowly and naturally.
Today, they like it and are even rather proud!
Looking back, we tell ourselves that we were not very cool by forbidding them posters, mainstreal decoration etc ...;)
But we also say that they have cultivated something else and we like to see them evolve with these influences and those that they have got elsewhere according to meetings, trips, friendships ...
Furthermore, they learned, against all odds, to be rather detached from the equipment: as almost everything is for sale at home, it often happens that we no longer have a sofa, armchairs or other!
This no longer surprises them, I think it amuses them now !

Your deco obsession of the moment?
My deco obsession is all-round decoration!
I love so many things, so many eras, so many blends ...
I am unable to be mono-style, but I have a clear opinion on things, I know what I like and therefore, I know immediately what I do not like.
I am hyper receptive to what is happening in front of me, I have perpetual crushes.
I rave about a fine cabinetmaking montage on an 18th century seat, on a shade of color seen on the handle of a cushion, on the engraved glass of a bistro door, etc ...
So I’m always full of obsessions. It’s a kind of bulimia of decoration but it’s okay, I digest pretty well :))

A person, a brand or a project that inspires you?
A thousand people and a thousand things could inspire me. I take pieces of each and it ends up making a whole.
I like this abundance, it nourishes me, and it energizes me.
In general, I like projects, brands and people who sincerely develop their vision of the art of living even if it is different from mine.
My opinion is that the decoration is part of a dimension that goes beyond the simple fact of trying to embellish a place materially. So I like those who have the power to take us into their universe and their creativity.
I am very admirrative of these personalities free from all the codes of trends.
My personal inclination also goes towards the crafts, the color, the material, the traditionnal craftsmanship, the history, the typography and so many things which will mix, not only with the decoration, but also with the fashion, the music , the kitchen …
There is a lot of transversality in the projects that I like.
If I had to quote only one figure of decoration, it would be Madeleine Castaing.

Can you share with us your best advice for finding nice furniture or objects (except at NOMIBIS of course!)?
My best advice for bargain hunting is to never look for anything specific.
Hunting is above all to let yourself be charmed and carried away by a shape, a color, an incongruous object (or not) which intimately echoes, which will provoke perspectives even if it means changing everything at home. It’s always the beginning of a story, a blank chapter, you have to know how to have fun and surrender, each with their budget and environmental constraints.
We must make a clean sweep of trends and rather read them with discernment and distance, digest them to keep only what really looks like us.
Never give in to counterfeiting. Better a nice curious seat than a copy of a renowned designer.

Your latest fashion, beauty or food crushes?
I have a crush all the time, and in all areas. I'm a consumer but I take care of myself with the passing years and growing environmental concerns.
My latest fashion purchases: a Laurence Bras blouse that makes me think about summer and a Bellerose comfy sweater.
As for food, my requirements are more and more important. I no longer dithering at all about quality, traceability, seasonality. In this, I have a real loyalty to La Maison Plisson.
And when it comes to beauty, I also become very uncompromising. I have a weakness for night creams which make me believe that I will be younger when I wake up :))
Big crush for the Antipodes avocado nourishing night cream.

Your favorite address in Reims?
My favorite address in Reims is a delicatessen - wine cellar which has been redecorated by us.
The selection of products is cutting-edge and you can have a glass of plain wine (or more) and lunch there: Au Bon Manger, 7 rue Courmeaux, 51100 Reims.

Your definition of the ideal weekend?
The ideal weekend is one under the sign of conviviality, celebration, sharing, friendship.
I really like to have long talks until the early hours with the people I love.
And I like to dance on the tables;)

Your next project?
I have several on-going projects which delight me and which will be launched soon.
Some have been considerably delayed due to the health situation.
I did a second collaboration with Ondine from CSAO, whose I admire work and projects, which she develops with Senegalese embroiderers.
Their expertise is incredibly beautiful and the approach is noble.
I am very proud of the selection of old fabrics that I have found for this collab. And this collab will be very different from the first. I can't wait to show it to you!

I also work on other very nice projects, and one of them with a beautiful historic fabric house and another one around tableware.
And then, we will be present again at Le Bon Marché in September, with a beautiful universe that we will share with young, very inspired brands.

And last but not least, your favorite MINOIS product?
It’s definitely the Bubble Bath.
I love its smell and texture, pure joy, pure happiness! And I must admit that the brand would almost make me want to do babies again so that they can take advantage of all these sweetnesses!

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