• Elisa Gallois from blog Et Dieu Crea
  • Elisa Gallois from blog Et Dieu Crea
  • Elisa Gallois from blog Et Dieu Crea
  • Elisa Gallois from blog Et Dieu Crea
  • Elisa Gallois from blog Et Dieu Crea

Elisa Gallois from blog Et Dieu Crea

Elisa Gallois, the mother of Jules, Lou and Mia, is a hyper-creative globetrotter who shares her daily life and escapades in France or elsewhere on her blog Et Dieu Crea and on the Instagram account of the same name. Let's meet!

Hello Elisa, can you introduce yourself in a few words?
My name is Elisa Gallois, I am 43 years old and I am the mother of 3 children: Jules, Lou and Mia. I live in Paris, I escape to the countryside almost every weekend and I am passionate about travel, botany and cooking.

You grew up in Africa, lived for several years in San Francisco before coming to settle in Paris how do these experiences influence you on a daily basis?
These experiences made me a nomad, curious and very interested in foreign lifestyles. At each new trip, I try to bring back a new learning and if possible to transmit it to my children.

Mom of 3 children, you run the blog Et dieu Créa and you also work in digital marketing, how do you manage to do everything?
I go hand in hand with my husband, we do everything together and I don't hesitate to postpone what does not seem essential to me, until later.

You are the mother of two girls and a boy, what values ​​do you want to pass on to them?
Respect for others, generosity of heart and curiosity.

How do they get along with each other?
We are lucky, they get along very well :)

How do you choose the products (fashion, food, beauty) intended for them?
I try to give them the best, I get information about what is good for them but also, now, the way it was made ... I no longer want my children to wear or consume the work of another child.

You always manage to find super fun activities for kids, can you share one or two with us?
Lately it's our travel diaries that occupy us a lot, it develops our creativity together ... The children influenced by their big brother also have a lot of fun making short films that are really funny and cute (I don't always have the right to see them).

We are also fans of your simple and delicious recipes, do you have any tips for cooking with children?
The recipe starts well before cooking, on weekends, one of the pleasures is to go to the market and buy not what is on a shopping list but rather what we discover and then the recipe follows ...

A person or a project that inspires you?
Greta Thunberg who impresses me with her strength and her convictions, she moves me a lot, she represents for me the generation of my children the one to whom we left a very sad legacy and who has decided to fight for her future.

Your favorite time of day?
My morning tea, alone while everyone is still asleep.

Your favorite Minois product?
Dry oil, which I even put in my hair.

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