• Danish lifestyle with Laura Short
  • Danish lifestyle with Laura Short
  • Danish lifestyle with Laura Short
  • Danish lifestyle with Laura Short
  • Danish lifestyle with Laura Short
  • Danish lifestyle with Laura Short

Danish lifestyle with Laura Short

We have discovered Laura through Instagram and her account @laurapshort. This creative mum of 2 boys captures her everyday life in Denmark in a very sweet and delicate way. Interview.

Could you introduce yourself ?
My name is Laura Short, I am 36 years old and live in Aarhus, Denmark, with my family of 4. My husband is called Christopher and my sons are Magnus and Nils. We are a close-knit family who enjoy music, art and literature.

You work as freelance photographer and stylist, could you tell us a little bit more about your job ?
My job involves a lot of different tasks but lately I have been doing a lot more projects where I work behind the scenes, mainly doing the artistic direction for different brands. I also create content for brands and help them translate their vision into a visual universe.

What do you like the most in your job ?
The creative aspect is definitely what appeals to me most. I get to fill in my own day, with very few guidelines and schedules I have to abide to. I can work from home most of the time too, which is great as I only work part time so I can pick the children up at 13.30.

Mum of 2, how do you find your balance between your creative life and your mum life ?
My work luckily does not feel like work to me so I do not necessarily feel I need a break from it. But I make sure to have finished my big tasks before I pick up my boys again and that way I feel satisfied to have ticked off my checklist so they can have my undivided attention.
I believe very much in having time to yourself too, to develop individually or socialise without having to share your attention. So I plan a coffee date in once a week with a friend or go the cinema in the evening.

Tell us what would be a day in your life ? Do you have a kind of routine ?
We all wake up at 6.00 and try to talk about how we slept the night before, maybe some dreams we have had or something that happened.
My husband is usually already at work so he can finish early. So the boys and I eat porridge with berries, get dressed and ride to school and daycare at 7.45.

I ride home and pick up some groceries on the way. At home, I have my laptop set up and I check emails, do some photography or whatever tasks I have to do. At 12.30 I prepare a little lunch that I take to pick the boys up. If it is nice weather, we find a spot to eat it or otherwise we eat it at school as it is such a lovely building.

At home, we play outside in the back garden and read a book. The boys play a little Lego whilst I prepare dinner for later.
My husband usually comes home around 16.00 and then we eat at 17.00. Early, I know but we like it that way. After dinner, we walk to the beach, that is about 7 minutes and we tell the kids to let go of all their worries and negative thoughts, as the sea will take them away. Then we return home and put the kids to bed after reading to them. That is usually around 19.00.
My husband and I ususally read a book or we watch a little tv and chat on the balcony before turning in.

You are the mum of 2 boys, how do you raise them ? 
My boys are very different to one another, so I make sure to give each one time to say what they want and do something they enjoy individually.
I hope I teach them about acceptance, nature, social differences and cultures. I try at least.
We both feel very strongly as parents that having a strong bond with your children will give them the confidence they need later in life. Also, we try to give them a cultural background by taking them to lots of art exhibitions, reading a lot and exposing them to different kinds of music.

What inspire you these days (person, project, trend) ?
For me it changes a lot depending on which brand I am working for at that time, or whatever my personal desires are. At the moment, it is travelling, sewing and food. So I have been reading all about Japan (hopefully my next destination), books on Louise Bourgeois and making recipes by Frederik Bille Brahe.

How do you choose the products (fashion, food, beauty) for your children ?
I like to make ethical choices in whatever I do so that also applies to everything I buy for my children. I love homemade clothes and will always prefer to support local businesses.
We are vegetarian and eat organic products which are sourced locally. It is very important to us. When it comes to skincare, I choose products that are free from parabens, sulphates, colourings, silicon and alcohol.
My favourite Minois product is the gentle cream, I use it for almost anything and I just love the smell. It is soothing and soft. Both my children love it too.

A Go-to destination for a sweet escape ?
I love going to Sweden, the south is very beautiful but I also enjoy going to the South of France, where our good friends live. It feels like we know the area very well and the flights are inexpensive so it is an easy, sunny and beautiful destination for a sweet escape!

Follow Laura on Instagram :@laurapshort

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