• Alysson Paradis, actress and mum
  • Alysson Paradis, actress and mum
  • Alysson Paradis, actress and mum
  • Alysson Paradis, actress and mum
  • Alysson Paradis, actress and mum
  • Alysson Paradis, actress and mum

Alysson Paradis, actress and mum

Alysson Paradis is an actress  - you might have seen her in plays or movies - and she is also the mum of Marcus, 5 years old. In this interview, she tells us about how much she loves her job, how your life changes when you become parents and about our sweet daily life. Interview.

Hi Alysson, could you introduce yourself ?
Bonjour Minois :)
I am Alysson, I am an actress, I am 36 years old and I am the mum of Marcus, 5 years. 
We live in Paris but as often as possible we escape to the countryside, nearby a river.   It is a way to find a balance in this very speed and busy parisian life. We love to spend time in nature, play in the grass and go visit the voisins’ horses.  

Have you always wanted to be an actress ? 
Yes, but when I was younger it took me time to say it loud ! So, I thought about being a lawyer, a home decorator or a war reporter. And finally at 16, I had the courage to tell it to my parents. They asked me to finish high school first what I did and then I started to take theater and dance lessons.
In the meantime, I worked as a waitress, babysitter or translator at the Ritz’s cooking school  because I wanted to live a “real life”. 

What do you like the most in your job ?
I like that every day is different. 
I like to “meet” with my characters, I learn a lot from them. I love to switch from very busy to more quiet times during which I am able to spend a lot of time with my son.
It is also very pleasant to meet a lot of different people.
I love being stressed just before going on stage and then very euphoric when I leave it.
I love the atmosphere on a movie set and the little families we create during this short time.
I would say, I love my job !

What a day in your life looks like ?
We wake up at 7am and then it is the big rush before having everyone fed and ready to go to school. 
Then I do sport at home and I have coffee with my mum who lives just 5 minutes away. 
I love to have lunch with friends and then going for a walk or reading or watching a movie.
Then, I pick up my son at school, we sing out loud on the way back home. At home we draw while laughing a lot !
And now time for the second rush of the day : bath, dinner, brush teeth, read a book before going to be and finally watch a movie with my husband.
When I work, everything is crashed and the main word is Rush :) I didn’t know how much you become an organizational killer when you have a child. 

How do you balance your artist life and your mum life ?
I am lucky to be well surrounded and as I said I developed incredible organizational tools. I even surprise myself. 

Does Marcus understand that you and your husband are public persons ? How do you talk with him about your job ?  
I don’t know if he understands that our job is public but he knows we are actors. He knows that we do movies and plays… it is very normal to him. I think he is more impressed by his friend's mother who is an air traffic controller.

What values are essential for you to pass on him? 
Respect : of others, nature but also himself. Self confidence. 

What do you do when you need “me time” ? 
I love to walk alone in Paris 

Your favorite family moment ? 
When we play at a board game altogether or when we color an OMY poster, laying down on the floor with music in the background.  

A person or a project who inspire you ?
I love people who take risk, try and launch projects.

Your definition of the perfect weekend ?
Slow down 

A mantra  ?
When you can’t find the sunshine be the sunshine

What is your favorite Minois product ?
I really like the Delicate Gel and the scent it leaves on my son’s skin

Thank you Alysson !
You can follow Alysson here : @alyssonparadis

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