•  Elena founder of the children's concept store Les Petits Sauvages
  •  Elena founder of the children's concept store Les Petits Sauvages
  •  Elena founder of the children's concept store Les Petits Sauvages
  •  Elena founder of the children's concept store Les Petits Sauvages
  •  Elena founder of the children's concept store Les Petits Sauvages

Elena founder of the children's concept store Les Petits Sauvages

Elena is the founder of the concept store for children Les Petits Sauvages in Nantes. A pretty shop with a very sweet universe where items and brands are carefully selected. We can also find Minois products.

We have asked Elena a few questions about her life as a busy mom and about her passion for fashion and decoration for children. The opportunity also to make you discover one of our resellers and a nice address. Interview!

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Elena, I'm 36 years old and we live in Nantes with my husband and my 2 children for almost 3 years. We left Paris for professional reasons and also because life in Paris became too stifling, but I miss it a lot, especially improvised evenings with my friends and my family. I'm crazy about children's fashion and decoration and I love doing the market with my son on Sunday morning. And over a year ago I have created my children's concept store.

Where did you get the idea of ​​creating your own concept store?

I was pregnant with my second child and I had this idea in my head for a long time, I always worked in the Sales so I did not go into the unknown either. And I really wanted to propose items and brands that were close to my heart.

Why the name "Les Petits Sauvages"?

It's a little wink for my children because it's 2 cute little wilds that I love so much. At first, I had chosen another name and then one morning I thought why not "Les Petits Sauvages" and I love it!

Can you describe the universe of your concept store?

I wanted to create a boutique that represents the love that I have for my children A place where you feel good. And above all, it was important for me to work with suppliers who have an eco-responsible approach whether for clothes, toys or cosmetics.

How do you select the brands?

It's a bit with my heart, I can admit ... especially for the first season because I did not know at all the clientele of Nantes. I chose famous brands on Instagram like Poudre OrganicMinoisCinkKalinka KidsBúhoTiny Cottons etc…  I also went to fairs specialized in children.

What do you like the most about your job?

Going to Paris to prepare my collections, to discover new brands and make nice meetings in the shop with people who have the same vision as me. To make them discover my universe gives me great satisfaction especially when they come back because I tell myself that they liked my selection.

A day in your life?

In general, everyone gets up around 7:30 / and then take an express shower! Sharing breakfast with my kids and my cream coffee are two very important things for me! My husband drops the big one and me the little one because it's on the way to the shop. I take a little coffee in my little bistro and I take the time to read the news but not too much because otherwise, it demoralizes me.

Arrived at the shop, the day can finally begin, I look at my mails and I search the new brands that I would like to propose. During the day I look at Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration before doing the paperwork which is not enchanting me. The day ends and I come back home around 7:30 pm, I am lucky to have lovely babysitters who give bath and make eat the boys. When I arrive, it is only good moments to share and to tell how was the day. We sleep around 8:30 pm so it gives us time with my husband to watch a good movie and really relax.

How do you find your balance between your life as a mom and your life as an entrepreneur?

I found the balance by not working on Wednesdays to spend time with my children. I did not want to miss moments with them like taking them to their activities, playing with them, cooking, etc ...

A cute look for children?

I have little guys, I hear a lot of parents who are desperate because they find that fashion for boys are not as pretty as girls, me I'm having fun with brands like, Le Petit GermainTiny CottonsPoudre OrganicBúhoBobo Choses et We are Kids. I put them flower scarves and it's awesome!

Can you share your favorite kids addresses with us?

Café Bécot, chez Dînette and le Glaz, there is space it is practical with a stroller.

And a forbidden address to the children?

In Nantes, we are lucky to have very good chefs like Roza an excellent address, otherwise we have tested L’Ourse that I highly recommend. And also Izakaya Yoji because we are huge fan of Japan.

A person who inspires you?

People who found their company, it is a big challenge, it is not easy every day ...

Your favorite destination?

I do not have a favorite destination but I like to take time in January to select the destination for the summer holidays. I always choose a practical destination forchildren (Portugal, Greece, Menorca ...). Otherwise, I have the chance to go to Aix en Provence because my father lives there. It is a very refreshing place and with my husband, we love to take time to discover the surrounding villages while the children are with their grandpa.

Your definition of happiness?

Being with the people that I love!

Your favorite Minois product?

It's the Delicate Gel and the Dry Oil undoubtedly, I apply every night, I love the comforting smell before going to bed.

I can not wait to test the lip balm.

Product added to compare.

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